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Wrist Pulse Oximeter With Alarm

This oximeter is a great addition to your wellue checkme o2 max wrist pulse oximeter line of products. The alarm clock sound and alarm system keep you on your feet even when you're sleeping. The menacing design will keep you safe.

Wireless Pulse Oximeter Sensor

The wireless pulse oximeter sensor is a great technology for the medical profession to take and use throughout the workplace. This sensor can be used to measure the oxygen level in the air to see if it is safe to bring in to the business. The sensor is easy to use and can be used for a variety of other tasks as well.

Pulse Oximeter Overnight Recording

Wellue's wrist pulse oximeter is a great way to track your vitality and health with alarm spo2. This monitor contains a heart rate and daily progress tracker, as well as a contantiunous monitoring for accurate quantification. this wellue sleepu wrist oximeter with alarm snore sleep apnea monitor sleep study us. Is perfect for use in the sleep home. It is easy to use and has a alarm to help you get to sleep in peace. This monitor has a digital display and an audio battery life to make it easy to use. wellue checkme o2 wrist oximeter with alarm continuous monitoring o2 heart rate is a great tool for monitoring your heart rate. When youworn the wellue checkme wrist oximeter, the device will keep track of your heart rate and alarm will sound if it's too high or low. the cms50f is a new wrist pulse oximeter that has an alarm to let you know when your wrist pulse is in contact with an important spot. The monitor also tracks the time it takes for the wrist to rest against the cheek of your eye. This monitor is perfect for use in the morning or during the night. The monitor also has an electronic alarm to let you know when it's time to take it to the office.